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Do you want an ongoing class to help support you in forming new healthy habits? Do you want programming at your parish that can help better engage with your community? In the need for a retreat or training in spiritual practices for clergy or organizational leaders? I’ve got something for you!

Classes are an essential way to build community and ongoing support for lifestyle changes. As you know, building a new habit can be challenging at first, but once you get going, it’s set it and forget it. But getting there can take a good deal of repetition and hard work. A community of others who share your values, and who have similar life stories can often make the difference.

That’s why we offer classes through parish partnerships. And why we encourage clients to find or create support groups through the Church to help them while they are getting coached. Finding a support groups is vital for success when changing our life habits. That’s why gyms exists. Churches get it. They build community. It’s what they do. Our classes, retreats and programming are designed to combine our expertise in spiritually integrated wellness, with the support that churches provide.

Through the PraXis ministry, I offer in-person and online classes, retreats, and programming for parish churches and organizations interested in spiritually integrated wellness.

Classes for parishes include:

  • Lenten Wellness Challenge
  • Movement, Mindfulness and Prayer Classes
  • Workshops, such as “Breathwork and mindfulness: A scientific and Christian mystical perspective”
  • Retreats customized for parish members or church leaders
  • Training in spiritual wellness for clergy and parish staff

PraXis has designed classes for retreats such as the 2023, Resurrect Church Planter’s retreat in Victoria, British Columbia. I’ve lead in-person classes for local parishes such as Brookside Community church and St Peter’s in Morristown. And Jamie and I post our own online classes and live sessions on Zoom or our Youtube Channel.

Find out more about wellness programming for parishes and church leaders at PraXisWellness.Center

If you are interested in ongoing wellness classes for individuals, please

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