Cornelius Swart

The light of God is a human fully alive

Cornelius Swart

Spiritually Integrated Wellness Coach: Promoting Health in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Cornelius is an award-winning scholar of church history, personal trainer, wellness coach, and interfaith chaplain. He offers spiritually integrated wellness coaching that incorporates movement, mindfulness (mental and emotional wellbeing), and nutrition. Collaborating with clients, Cornelius offers a safe space where people of faith can explore life-giving changes to their daily habits.

Our Classes

Have you:

  • Received a diagnosis that requires you to change your lifestyle (eating habits, sleep patterns, movement routines, stress regulation)
  • Decided to live with greater attention to diet and exercise
  • Wanted to lose weight
  • Realized it was time to deal with stress differently

Spiritually integrated wellness is about being on the path to feeling:

  • More comfortable in your body
  • More at peace in the moment (even during stressful and demanding moments)
  • Having more energy
  • Feeling more in sync with the Spirit and the flow of life

For more general information on getting started and yoga as a lifestyle, please visit our blog.

Our Teachers

Our instructors are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed and inspirational.

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Barre Intensity Course


4-week course


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