Cornelius Swart

The light of God is a human fully alive

Spiritually Integrated Wellness Coaching

Cornelius is a personal trainer, wellness coach, and interfaith chaplain. He offers spiritually integrated coaching that incorporates movement, mindfulness (mental and emotional wellbeing), and nutrition. Cornelius offers a safe space where people of faith can explore life-giving changes to their daily habits.

Cornelius specializes in Christian clients, but all faiths are welcome

Have you:

  • Received a diagnosis that requires you to change your lifestyle (eating habits, sleep patterns, movement routines, stress regulation)
  • Decided to live with greater attention to diet and exercise
  • Wanted to lose weight
  • Realized that you are too stressed
  • Committed to taking better care of yourself mind, body, and spirit

Spiritually integrated coaching is about feeling:

  • More comfortable in your body
  • More at peace in the moment (even during stressful and demanding moments)
  • Having more energy
  • Feeling more in sync with the Spirit and the flow of life
  • Integrating healthy living into a life of faith and practice


In 2019, Cornelius set out to change the way Christians see spiritual practice. He believes integrating evidence-based wellness and ancient Christian spirituality can bring about a mind, body, spirit revolution to the Christian world.

Around the same time, Cornelius met his future wife, Jamie. For their second date they went to church. Together they started PraXis, a wellness group focused on providing mind, body, spirit wellness programing to parishes and faith-based organizations. They currently reside in New Jersey where Cornelius serves as a resident chaplain at Morristown Medical Center.

Degrees and Certifications