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Get stronger, lose weight, build power and flexibility in a context that is sensitive to your faith background. Cornelius can help those who want a specific fitness training program tailored to their goals and faith tradition.

Cornelius is a certified personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. NASM uses the Optimum Performance Training Model, which trains clients in flexibility, cardio, and strength training. In addition, to conventional resistance training, Cornelius can work through SAQ (strength, agility, and quickness) and plyometric training designed to optimize athletic performance. Training, can also include coaching on topics like nutrition, recovery, and mental adaptivity training, cleaned from his wellness coaching skillset.

The difference between personal training and wellness coaching is:

  • Training is prescriptive, and wellness coaching is client-driven
  • Training is designed to produce specific outcomes in specific. timeframes, while wellness coaching unfolds at the client’s pace.
  • Training focuses on weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, and body shape changes (hypertrophy).
  • Wellness coaching focuses on well-being informed by daily practices that can include mindfulness, movement, recovery, and diet.
  • Trainers tell you what to do to improve, while a wellness coach helps you explore your own methods and motivations for self improvement.

All of this is done in a spiritually integrated context that helps the client be themselves and express their beliefs and ideas in a supportive and life-giving setting.

If you are interested in personal training or a hybrid training-coaching approach, email This service is only open to clients in Northern New Jersey, or those online with home gyms, or who are interested in body-weight only training.

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