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Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Coaching

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Cornelius and his company PraXis Wellness, combine spiritual care with traditional evidence-based wellness coaching to create an integrated approach to mind, body, and spirit health.

What is Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy?
Chaplaincy is the vocation of spiritual care. That is helping others navigate their emotional and existential distress through the meaning-making lens of their spiritual and religious belief. Chaplaincy started out as a Christian ministry, but in recent years it has been embrace by many world religions. Chaplains normally serve in hospitals, the military, hospice care centers, or in other non-religious institutions.

What is Wellness Coaching?
“The active process of applying learned and developed strategies that lead to mental, physical, social, and emotional changes for a better quality of life” – National Academy of Sports Medicine

“Wellness Chaplaincy”
I combine spiritual care and wellness coaching into what you might call Wellness Chaplaincy. Both spiritual care and wellness coaching use the same method of client-centered communication and reflective listening. This is a method in which the client controls their own care. The chaplain or coach is simply there to help provide guidance and to help facilitate the client’s process of self-discovery, learning and exploration. I help the client hear what they are saying to themselves, and what the Spirit might be saying to them. There are three people in the room, and my job is to facilitate the conversation between you, myself and the Spirit.

Here’s what we discover together:

A path through

  • Existential or Spiritual Distress and/or Uncertainty
  • Understanding our own bodily health in a spiritual and religiously informed context

A plan of action for

  • Improved fitness or mobility
  • Better emotional and mental coping
  • The enjoyment of life-giving foods
  • A full life of social engagement
  • Fulfilling rest and recovery
  • Integrating spiritual practices with healthy living

The outcome: Tools and new habits for a greater sense of well-being and aliveness

Coaching Packages involve

  • Three to six-month commitment
  • 60-90 minute intake session, followed by 1-hour regular sessions (on-line)
  • Client-crafted wellness vision and plan or client-crafted rule of life or spiritual practices plan
  • Communication and support between sessions
  • A wellness map to take you past the completion of your coaching plan

My approach is mainly Christian-based, but I’m trained as an interfaith chaplain. People of all faiths and spiritual inclinations are welcome.

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